Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Whole Lotta Nuttin'

I was over mucking around on Crackbook, bored outta my tree, when I decided I would watch something on the idiot box. This being Saturday night, nothing's on. Wondering what to do with my ridiculously under-stimulated self, it came to me. My blog! So, what wise words have I to share? What interesting stories? What profound thoughts have I been a-pondering? Bupkis, boys and girls, that's what! I'm just going to prattle on about stuff so that I can say I have actually been on this poor, neglected blog.

Let's stick with the neglected theme for a moment, shall we? Alright-y then. The Cannonball Read II. Yes, I signed up. And for awhile I did a half decent job of sharing my adventures in reading with y'all, my bloggy friends. However, my resolve quickly dissolved and the reviews fell by the wayside. But I did not quit reading. Oh no, I read my little heart out. Here is what I have read and not reviewed:

The Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series by Laurell K. Hamilton, books 1-12
They started out solid; your average supernatural mystery type books and quickly spiraled recklessly toward pure, unadulterated porn. They were fantastic!

The Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon, books 1-7
I believe I actually managed to review a couple of these. These books kicked some serious ass. There was a brief time during The Fiery Cross when I could put the book down, but that didn't last long. I cannot wait for the next one. Is it out YET? No? How 'bout now?

The Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare, books 1-3
I bought this set for my daughter. I try to read whatever she's reading so that I can curb any errant thought processes resulting from her reading material (see Twilight, although, she hasn't really needed any explanations from me, she's smart when she wants to be). Anyway, back to the topic at hand. These books were pretty good. There was a particular plot line that made me squick a little, but it played out alright. And yes! I am very articulate this fine evening.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon
I was surprised by this book. It was given to my daughter as a Christmas gift and so, naturally I expected a book for a teen. Not so much. It was alternately funny and heart-breakingly sad. A quick but good read.

Well, let's see, I'm up to 23, right? I also reread the Sookie Stackhouse novels, so that's another 11. And I think that's all of 'em.

Ahhh, True Blood, how I do love you. However, I think my husband may have been right, Mr. Ball tried to cram a little too much into this season. Also, if we're sorta, kinda, maybe, a little bit trying to stick to the books, shouldn't Eric and Sookie have spent the better portion of this season gettin' it on? I was seriously disappointed when I realized that wasn't going to happen. Anna Paquin married Stephen Moyer in real life and on screen they have zero chemistry together. Anna Paquin and Mr. Skarsgard, on the other hand, ooze chemistry. Or maybe it's just Alexander Skarsgard. You know what? It's probably that. Perhaps they will get their groove on next season. From my lips to Alan Ball's ears.

Hmmm, what else? Oooh! How about movies? I watched Valhalla Rising recently. Beautiful scenery, great acting, freaking MESSED up story. It's been along time since a movie left me dumbfounded but this one did that and then some. And the Expendables. I love me some mindless, 'splodey, action movies. And we watched The Princess Diaries and Men in Tights with the kids, which was awesome! And nothing else is coming to mind right now even though I've watched a tonne of movies this summer. I guess that says it all, don't it?

Finally, I'm crushin' on this little hottie right now, Eric Balfour. Thanks to a fun show I've been DVR'ing all summer, Haven. In case you haven't caught it, it's about an FBI agent who finds herself in a little town in Maine riddled with strange events the locals have pegged "The Troubles". It's based on the short story by Stephen King, The Colorado Kid aaaand it's filmed in the lovely Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, which I'm sure you know, is close to home.

Alright, boys and girls, I'm outta here! Hopefully, I'll be back soon!

Oh wait! Wait! Come back! Last year, my daughter and I started watching The Vampire Diaries together (anybody else notice that I seem to like my vampire stories? Yeah, me neither!). When the season ended I wanted to read the books the t.v. show is based on. Let me save anyone inclined to read the books some suffering, don't. It ain't worth it, man! They are fantastically bad. Not in a cheese-y bad way, just bad. Absolutely sucked! Seriously. And there are six of them (40!). And yes, I read them all, because I can't start a book and not finish it. Although I probably should have. Time I'll never get back, folks, time I'll never get back.