Monday, June 13, 2011

It's Not You, It's Me.

I know, I know. Y'all are miserable without my constant Internet presence and I continue to disappoint. Well, at least in that I am consistent. Please accept my sincerest of apologies.

There's been a lot going on round these parts. Most of it centers around my 15 year old daughter. I think when I told her the fucking world didn't revolve around her she took it as a challenge. And oh boy! did she rise to the occasion. But I ain't about to air that dirty laundry here.

Here's the Cole's Notes on the goings on of one Eyvi Sprite.

On Friday night I will participate in an all night walk to raise money for cancer. Me. The girl who routinely falls asleep at house parties at 11 pm. On the couch. In the middle of the party. The girl who falls asleep on her husbands first night home after a -insert appropriate time frame here- deployment. The girl who wanted to get a tattoo with Agent Blonde and then go bar hopping and then came home and promptly fell asleep half-way through beer number one (and had absolutely no problem whatsoever blaming the tattoo artist because he told AB she couldn't wear a bra). Oh yeah, all night walk was a brilliant idea! Jeebus! Just for the record; I can and have partied/stayed up all night. I am not a stick-in-the-mud! In fact, it's all part of my master plan. Make 'em believe I'm a wet blanket and then party like a rock star!

I've been bitten. I was warned. I never take these things seriously. Eyvi, of the addictive personality. I want another tattoo. Many more. I have wee bit of a problem though. I don't mind tattoos. Obviously. I'd be a mighty big hypocrite if I said I did. But I'm gonna go ahead and be a little bit of one anyway. I want to be able to hide my tattoos. If you've seen my tattoo, it's because I chose to share (please don't spout off about my FB/twitter pics, I reiterate - it was my first, it needed to be shared!). I know, I shouldn't really give a rat's ass what everyone else thinks and I don't. Like I told the Spinster at work (yeah, she deserves a title) when she asked me why I didn't get it where every one could see it, what was the point of getting a tattoo nobody could see? I told her I got it for me, because I loved it, not because I wanted everyone else to love it. That's why. If you are permanently marking your body with the hopes that everyone else is going to love it then you need to stop it. Now. The chief consideration in the placement of your 'tat' should not be the number of people that can see it. Sorry, I'm feeling ranty it seems. So this is my solution, I'm going to ink the crap outta my torso. When I run out of room, if I still have the fever I'll have to include appendages out of necessity. Works, right?

I've been reading, of course! When am I not? I've read Wuthering Heights, loved the prose, hated the actual story. I started a series based on a friend's recommendation, Bitten or Bound or some such by Kelly Armstrong. I'm reconsidering that friendship. I bought all four books in A Song of Ice and Fire for a wicked, awesome deal. I'm almost done the second book. They're good but I kind of don't like it when a book requires an index to keep all the freakin' characters straight (seriously, there is literally an index).

I've been watching teevee! Guess what I have been watching! Sons of Anarchy. If you haven't seen this show, you need to. Right now. Seriously. Go! It is full of awesome. Who knew Peggy Bundy could be oh so much more than a ditz? And the English kid that plays Jax? Mmmm mmm, good! Ron Perlman? I can't help it, if I close my eyes, he's Hellboy.

I quit smoking. Again. More on that when I feel like success is a reality instead of wishful thinking.

Finally ( I think. Honestly, I had a lot more to say than I thought I did, and y'all are hanging off my every word, aren't ya?), since I started my job a little more than a year ago, I've lost 40lbs. I haven't really made much of an effort, to be honest. I'm no longer sitting on my ass all day refreshing Pajiba and Crackbook, my job requires that I actually move, I was smoking half a pack a day and halfheartedly trying to eat well. Now that I've actually lost some, I want to lose more! About 40 more, maybe 50. That may be a bit too much though. If I lose 50lbs I may be all hands, knees, veins and ass. Not pretty, eh? I aiming for 40, see what it looks like when I get there. So here's my plan, I'm going to wholeheartedly try to eat well and exercise regularly. I started Saturday. I woke up, got in my gear and proceeded to do a half an hour of circuit training. It was awesome! By Saturday afternoon I was walking like a sixty year old. Sunday morning I crawled out of bed and nearly cried when I tried to sit on the toilet to pee, my thighs hurt so much. Not so fucking awesome. My ridiculously out of shape ass is not giving up though. I will reach and maintain a suitable weight. And when I do, I'm gonna get a tattoo to reward myself!

Nite folks!


  1. Tattoos are addictive! I have three and have two more planned. Sometimes its best to put them where they can be covered for career reasons. All of my daughters (4) can be covered up if she really does go into Law like she plans. I'm a writer, I can have as many as I want and people just think I'm hip. (Ha!!)

    Fifteen yr old girls are the worst! Hang in there, it gets better.

    Super yay on the weight loss! I need to do a bit of that myself. But the part about your body hurting? Yeah, that's me, fifteen minutes in.

    So good to hear from you! Good luck on that all night walk. You probably can't fall asleep while walking, so you might be ok.


  2. Hullo stranger!

    We should chat soon. I misses you.

  3. 10 tattoos down for me. Planning on a full sleeve whenever I get a decent paying job.

    As for Sons of Anarchy? Opie is by far my favorite character.

  4. I don't currently have any tattoos a fact that I hope to rectify sooner rather than later, however I too subscribe to your thought process. It would be for me and no one else!
    Good for you on the weight loss and the over night walk a thon! Go Team Eyvi!!!
    And me some Sons!! I love everything about this show and am anxiously awaiting the new season! The husband and I watched 3 seasons in a two week span!

  5. Spot- If falling asleep while walking is possible, I will do it. Also, I'm a writer too (in my own mind!), so I'm gonna go ahead with the assumption that tattoos will make me hip too (can we say 'hip' and still be cool?)!

    Dani-Dahling! I miss you too! Wanna do lunch?

    Deist - 10! Wow! As for the sleeve, awse! It's an expensive little addiction though, no? And I like Opie too and Tig. Tig is an adorable sociopath.

    AA - Go now! Get one! Get two! I can't wait for the next season of Sons either. I watched in about the same time frame. I tried to convince my other half to watch with me but he said he wouldn't watch anything with me till I finished watching The Wire with him. I will. Finish watching The Wire that is, but once I started SoA, I couldn't stop.