Wednesday, April 29, 2009

OK, so, I'm going to try this blogging thing. It seems like fun, right? Write about whatever I want? Oh yeah, all kinds of fun. But bear with me, I'm new at this. There were 20 or so words I didn't know the meaning of during the set up of my blog. I'll wiki those later. For now, my first post (priorities, right?).

On the way home in the car today I ran through all of the things I wanted to write about in my new fangled blog. I was full of ideas. My first post should be all about me, so we can get to know each other. I think I struck my head or something, because I'm not even sure I know my own name. Yup, welcome to the wonderful world of writer's block and/or performance anxiety. I promised myself I would start writing though. You can't be a writer if you don't write. And when writing does for you what it does for me, really it's bad for your health if you don't. You see, I love to write. Writing is therapy to me and when I write well, well, it's blissful. Like, I want a smoke when I'm finished. No wait, no I don't, I quit smoking (don't ask, I haven't torn the heads off any small furry pets recently, but I'm not quite kosher yet either). Okay, so I have to find a new post-bliss activity.

Moving right along. Writing makes me happy. And everyone deserves a little happiness, don't they? It's even in the constitution, isn't it? I'm Canadian, but what the hell; any port in a storm! It's not important enough to me to look up. So I will blog. I will blog about things important to me today, things that strike my fancy, books I have read, movies I have watched, music I have heard, debates and discussions. I will be honest, brutally so if need be. With both you and myself. I will try to be funny, I might even succeed. I may contradict myself, I have been known to. I will prove to be a hypocrite once in awhile. I will try to be open minded, but I will most likely hate everything the first time and eventually love it obsessively. I will love passionately and accept the ultimate broken heart with open arms. I will cry at the drop of a pin and lots of pins will fall. I will allow my inner geek a little freedom. Occaisionally, I will suffer from premature verbal ejaculation. Words will spew out of my mouth before my brain does the job. I will apologize for it. I will apologize often, because my confidence has taken an extended road trip on the back of a turtle. I will get it back. I will believe in my talent. I will stop believing a university education will make my talent worthwhile (I will keep my options open). I will accept any and all praise and criticism and I will try to do it with dignity. I will write. And maybe one day, my labour will bear fruit, but I will be content if it doesn't. For now.

I hope you will read. Company along the way would be nice, because let's face it, it's a blog. Validation? Noooo, not me.

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