Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I Know, I Missed One.

I know I missed last NWW and that 'cause I had sort of developed a reclusiveness for the past couple of weeks that was new to me. I was even being reclusive online, mostly lurking. Strange, eh? Digital recluse? It was accompanied by having a hard time seeing the brighter side. So I abstained from NWW. I kinda missed it.

I tried to look at the brighter side of things all day today, which is good, cause it really does work and if you're a person that has trouble finding the silver lining, try committing for just one day. Really truly committing, I assure you, you will not be disappointed.

But I don't really want to talk about NWW. Wanna know why? You do?!? Great!

I started reading an oft praised series of books. And then, then I had to see the show based on the books. Yeah. Count me amongst the number of TrueBlood fans. I'ma huge geek. I know. I bought the book set on Sunday. I'm on book two. Nearly finished it, in fact. No, not much else is getting done round here. And the show? Well I watched 7 episodes yesterday. 7!

Have I mentioned I have a bit of an addictive personality? And escapism is my drug of choice? Yeah. I do. Tomorrow, I think it would be prudent if the little mind reader and her band of vampy friends and I parted ways at least for a day. You know, so my family doesn't write me off for lost.

Ok, I totally had to come back to add this; the one, the only Danica Dragonfly has participated in NWW!!!! Publicly. On her blog. I kind feel like I mighta had something to do with that (I did, I so did). Danica, I promise not to gloat at work tomorrow. Well, I promise to try not to gloat anyway. Aw, C'mon, you know I looooove ya! And you love me, too, especially when I am being annoying!


  1. wow! you have as little a life as i do!

    and i had to lurk (on my cell phone) last week due to modem drama, it was like coming off drugs.

  2. Don't feel too bad. I didn't do a post last week either, and that was largely because I was in an absolutely hideous mood, pretty much the entire week. There was no getting past it. It's gonna happen from time to time.

    But here we are, back in the game! I'm not doing a great job of not whining, as I've got the plague, but I found some bright side to look at: I haven't worn pants in four days, and today I watched Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus on the Netflix. Awesome.

  3. Hey - I always make an effort where you are concerned ... well so long as that effort doesn't involve any sort of physical displacement or anything heinous like that ... and I do luvs ya... annoyingly pleasant or not :)

    D - The One, The Only (thank holy hell) ... hee hee

  4. NWW is not a policy I can condone, however I do try to stab people nicely.

    I've watched a couple episodes of True Blood and it really doesn't do much for me. However. Rogue Boobies! So there is that.

  5. No worries, some of us are more behind than others. As for TB, we call it Vampire Porn in our house, the books aren't terribly great but readable.

  6. gp - Sad, but true; I lack a life.

    AvB - Pantlessness is awesome! Sorry 'bout the plague though. That sounds crappy.

    Danica - Awww, lubs u 2! (gag)

    The MGMNT - Well, as long as you are stabbing nicely. And anything with rogue boobies should get a free pass. Seriously.

    Xtreme - I know! Right? The hubby thinks it's an elaborate excuse to put soft porn on teevee regularly. I reminded him it was an HBO show.