Wednesday, September 9, 2009

You Know What Today Is!

Let me start out by apologizing to anyone who was checking in to see how I did on Friday (I know there is at least one of you). I was in a bit of a funk this weekend that was preventing me from piecing together a coherent written sentence. But if you are still interested, it went well. I think. I hope. Anyway, I got some good advice from a friend and am going to follow up tomorrow (I would have sooner, but this week is flying by).

On to the festivities!

My reasons for being happy today are:

1. My daughter and I are getting along very well this week. She's thirteen and that seems to be about the age that young girls begin honing the devil in them (I remember nurturing mine), and her and I have been a little like a lit fuse and dynamite. We could only come together long enough to cause an explosion! This week though? Not so much. We've been talking, working together, and laughing! It's wonderful. I hope it lasts. It probably won't. Because like I said, 13 year old girls are all like Linda Blair in the Exorcist on occasion, but this is a welcome relief. Now that I have told people about this phenomenon, it will surely disappear and leave no trace of it's existence.

2. I seemed to have developed some sort of killer housewife skills over the summer. For those of you who don't know me, I try mighty hard but I am not Martha Stewart (the good Martha, not the criminal Martha). I would like so much to be organized, creative, happy when it comes to the stuff a wife and mother is responsible for. I rarely am. I have moments, I do, but no lasting power. Well, the kids went back to school last Wednesday and things are going smashingly! So far, all the dishes are done, everyone is getting a healthy lunch (it's usually the hubby that misses out), most of the laundry is clean (I would love for all of it to be done, but listen, I'm not Super-Mom).

3. I'm kind of happy about No Whining Wednesday. I woke up this morning ready to tear a strip off the first available mammal because I have developed trouble sleeping. Which in and of itself is making me nuckin' futs. My parents used to host the odd party at our house, where my father's speakers proved their worth: I slept through it. My parents went through a fairly vocal divorce: no trouble sleeping. My hubby and I separated for a year about 10 years ago, did I lose sleep over it? No. My point is nothing has kept me from getting a good night's sleep before now. Lately? On weeknights, you know, the nights before I have to go to work the next day, I sleep like shit. On the weekends, nooooo problemo, comatose. Which leads me to believe, despite my ability to sleep through all manner of noise previously and be unaffected by stress, my job has managed to cause me enough stinkin' stress to interrupt my sleep pattern. Anyhoo, I decided not to tear any one's head off cause I was poorly rested and tired because "It's No Whining Wednesday, so I can't bitch and moan".

4. I have gone for a walk 5 days in a row! Yay! A small step toward a healthier me (no pun intended).

And just for fun, my favourite dance from last nights SYTYCD Canada, Corynne and Austin (I couldn't find a shorter clip, they start around the 5:10 mark).

Oh and Mr. Sprite has taken to calling Austin Ponch Jr. Go ahead and look up Eric Estrada and tell me the resemblance doesn't exist.


  1. I hope peace continues at the Sprite household! Enjoy it. Sorry about the sleep issues. Maybe the walking (GOOD job on that, missy!) will help with the sleeplessness? I hope it's just a temporary thing. Thanks for playing NWW even though it was difficult. You and the other kids keep me motivated every week and I appreciate the hell out of it!

  2. Mr Dragonfly says the EXACT same thing ... though his first comment was Donnie Osmond. He changed his tune the second time he saw him.

    As always ... work ... I'm sorry.

    You know my thoughts.


  3. Hahah! Is it sad that I don't have to look up Erik Estrada to know this kid looks exactly like him? Because I'm old. And I watched CHiPs when it ran originally. I might agree with Mr. Dragonfly to an extent, though... he's like that bastard love child of Estrada and Donnie Osmond. So weird to watch Canadian SYTYCD! Canadian Cat Deely is way skinnier than Regular Cat Deely.

    Oh, how I wish I could force myself to go for a walk. I am so out of damn shape, it's scary. I have been walking up a couple of floors at work before getting on the elevator the rest of the way this week, though, so maybe I can get cracking on that. Fingers crossed, everyone!

  4. Lainey - No problem! NWW is giving me a reason to cheer my ass up at least once a week!

    Danica and AvB - Thank you, now he really is a strange morph of Donnie Osmond and Ponch.

    Oh! and AvB, Our Cat Deely is Leah Miller. She used to be a VJ for our music channell up here, Much Music. She's a bit of a tool though. She can't be more than 30 (and I am pushing it, she's probably more like 25) but her face resembles a Botox addict's, or she's constantly sucking on lemons.