Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another Award? Seriously, You May Need a Recount.

Yep, you read that right. Cynica Sarcastamos saw fit to bestow the Awesome Blogger award on me. This means I am required to tell you, my devoted followers 7 things you didn't know about me. So here we go boys and girls, this is gonna be quick and dirty.

1. My first serious boyfriend was a crack addict and a criminal. I thought I could fix him.

2. I moved out of my Mom's house when I was 16 years old.

3. I was an obstinate teenager (see 1 & 2). I'm an obstinate adult (ok, so you knew that).

4. I am afraid of the dark. Seriously. You want to cause me irreparable damage? Throw me in a dark room (especially an unfamiliar one), and lock the door. I will curl into a ball and cry like a baby while imagining unspeakable horrors in the dark.

5. I have never broken a bone. I am tough as nails.

6. I like my steak served blue. Google it. When you are done tossing your cookies, don't yell at me. I am not going to make you eat it. If you didn't toss your cookies, congratulations, you earn one brownie point.

7. I am a lucid dreamer. Which means I can control my dreams. While I sleep, I am the coolest, happiest, most successful me. Is there any wonder I like to sleep?

Good Gawd, that was difficult. I must admit though, while I am a crazy embarrassed by these crazy awards, I am also pleased as punch.

Now, it's your turn. You didn't think I was going to suffer through this alone, did you? Oh no, my friends, misery loves company!

1. never passing this way again
2. Anna von Beaverplatz
3. Platitude Paradise
4. An Oreo in Trouble
5. Girl with Curious Hair
6. Welcome to Stabbymart
7. Xtremely Boring/Ragey

And because I'm feeling rebellious (even though misery loves company, but remember how lonely I'll be), I am not going to insist you follow the rules and post 7 things about yourselves (Although, I love to learn more about y'all). I'm also not going to insist you nominate 7 more bloggers, because that shit is hard. I don't want to hurt any one's feelings!


  1. Consider mine hurt...

    *Runs away bawling*

  2. *looks away* *sigh a breath of relief*
    Hot damn..not easy to do... I was breathing for you.
    Good job...and blue isn't that bad

  3. Fine. Be like that. Drag us all in.

    Oh, and the bottom of the list best be movin' on up, if y'all know what I'm sayin...


  4. Dammit! Give me a couple days...

  5. Fine. This will take a while. As I'll have to throw Danica's in there as well.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. LOL! I love it! Well, not number 1 - I'm sorry about that one (but at least you learned early about that FIX thing. Right?)
    Hey - if I hadn't been forced to nominate 7 other bloggers, I would have never found you - just sayin'. ((*.*)) /

  8. Say WHAAAT?! I have no time to read blogs for a few weeks 'cause of school, and when I finally have time to catch up, THIS is what I find?! (More work! Good grief! :P)

    Hee. You totally deserve it, Eyvi! You *are* an awesome blogger!

  9. Deist! Wait, come back! I'm sorry! Ugh!

    AA You get one brownie point! And as you now know, it is kinda hard. Who'd a thunk it? Talkin about yourself.

    Trouble It was well worth the wait!

    The MGMNT Also, worth the wait. And both you and Trouble think I'm edible, which is lovely!

    Cynica Outwardly, I complain. Inside, I'm all a gush. Really. No, I'm serious.

    AvB It's because you are full of awesomesauce too. I had to spread the love among the awesome peoples!