Monday, January 11, 2010

Cannonball Read II - Book #5: Voyager by Diana Gabaldon

Voyager, the third instalment in the Outlander series, has Claire discover that Jamie may not have died in battle at Culloden. Confirmation forces her to face the most difficult of decisions: should she leave her grown daughter in the hopes of seeing Jamie again? The decision is made at the 11th hour at Brianna’s behest – Go or I do! So Claire does. She travels through the stones and across Scotland to seek out Jamie. She finds him right where she expects to and one of the most adorable scenes every committed to paper unfolds. When they finally determine they are both real and not a figment of the others imagination, they get on with familiarizing themselves with each other again and not just in ‘that’ way! And of course the adventure begins. I know it wouldn’t make for very interesting reading otherwise, but these two sure do seem to find their share of trouble. There’s a brothel, a fire, bigamy, a kidnapping, long lost jewels, slaves and voodoo! They cover Scotland, France, the West Indies and more!

Again, Diana Gabaldon does not disappoint. I am so in love with these two characters I may follow them even if they led a normal quiet life. I usually encounter some form of disappointment in the portrayal of a beloved character this deep into a series. So far, I’ve no cause to complain, Diana Gabaldon has done a fantastic job of not deviating from what we’ve come to expect of the people in her story. And while the sheer volume of excitement is a wee bit unbelievable, her use of historical detail is always accurate.

I have only two complaints, one being her verbosity. I hold to my belief that she could have used a braver editor. The second, and this is no fault of the authors, only my apparently unreasonable expectations, I wanted Brianna to go back in time too!

There, now I’ve written this review as I promised myself I would before I began the fourth book, Drums of Autumn. My procrastination has had a palpable effect and I am dying to begin the next one (although Spot has made me just the teeniest weary).


  1. Mmmk ... no pressure ... none ... really ...

    But I'm closin' in on page 699 of 1059 ...

    startin' to panic in my little skull ... can't seem to locate this book at any of the used stores ... gasp ... hyperventilating over here .... gasp

    No, really - no pressure :)

  2. Hi Eyvi - coming over from the Pajiba Cannonball Read FB link. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this series. Have you started #4 yet? I won't give anything away, but I will keep an eye out for your next review.

    I wish Diana Gabaldon would come out to the east coast some time. She was in Washington DC for a book signing, but that's not a day trip from NJ and so I couldn't make it.

    have fun!

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  4. Hiya mswas! Thanks for stopping by and I apologize for my delayed response, I'm slow lately. I have read #4 and loved it! I will have a review for it up eventually, I'm behind there too :)