Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Loss for Words

That would be the reason I haven't posted much lately. I'm not lacking for topics but I seem to be having trouble putting it to words.

That isn't going to stop me tonight, though.

It's No Whining Wednesday and true to form I had plenty of reason to whine today. But I tried not to. Mr. Sprite was promoted last year and because the Department of National Defense here in Canada takes the motto "hurry up and wait" very seriously, Mr. Sprite has only just been scheduled for his leadership training. He's scheduled to leave for 2 months of training two days after I return from Toronto. Sucks, no? But in the interest of adhering to the rules, I tried to look at the brighter side.

1. Queen size bed all to myself!
2. Lots of one on one time with my children (this can also be viewed as a bad thing).
3. Rent all the movies I wouldn't get to see when the hubby is home.
4. Eat the things the hubby doesn't like.
5. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and by that I mean we are guaranteed at least one week of really fantastic sex when he comes back!

See? Not so bad, right? Tomorrow I'll tell you all the reasons it sucks ass. That's gonna be a much longer list!

On the very bright side: I am going to Toronto in 43 days! You have no idea how much I am looking forward to 6 days of my cousin and my sister and very little responsibility. You may envy me, I don't mind. We've decided we're going to have dinner in the revolving restaurant at the top of the CN Tower, we may go skiing (I am hopelessly un-athletic, so this may prove to be dangerous, hilarious and pathetic all at once) and we are definitely going to drink more than our fair share. Expect drunken shenanigans.

That's all for tonight boys and girls. Stay outta trouble!


  1. Oh Stella ... I wish I could help you get yer groove back.

    I'm going to miss you.


  2. Stella? Stelllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!
    Ahem. Sorry, I always have to do that when I see/hear the name Stella (makes ordering Stela Artois beer very interesting).Excellent job on the 'no whining' and I know what you mean with the 'absence makes the heart grow fonder' heh heh.

  3. Two months isn't that bad compared to having to do a tour overseas, right? There's a bright side!

    (I'm tryin' to be helpful, just tell me to shut up if I'm making things worse, a'ight?)

  4. I don't wannna stay out of trouble, do I have too. I am seriously envious of your girl time trip with little responsibility! But I am not envious about your Man having to go away - boo!!

  5. D- I'm not gone yet!

    B- I'm going to bellow Stella at the CSR next time I'm at the liquor store. Promise.

    X- No, it could be much worse. We have friends in Afghanistan who are there for 7 months. I'm trying to keep perspective here.

    AA- I promise to have many drinks for you while I am enjoying limited responsibility!

  6. Have fun on your girl trip! I know I would! And seriously, I kind of enjoy it when my hubs is gone for all the reasons you listed.