Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Amused? Why, yes! I am!

Because I had a fantastically shitty day at work - what else is new lately? FML - I am going to share an exchange between my hubby and myself because it makes me smile.

Just a bit of history, Mr. Sprite (I should tell you his screen name, he'd kill me, but you'd laugh I'm sure) and I have a history of having very strange conversations. Perhaps everyone has unusual conversations with their significant other. I don't know, people never tell me about them if they do. I wish they would, I find other people's eccentricities incredibly interesting. Once we discussed the existence of God. Not interesting in an of itself, but the turn the conversation took was. The question was posed "If God were flesh and blood and you had the opportunity to sit with him and talk to him as you would any man, what would you say?" The answers were many and varied. Thought provoking and ridiculous, but fun nonetheless.

We still partake in an ongoing discussion as to whether or not time exists in nature or if it is a concept created by Man. My sister was present for the beginning of this one (one where we all have differing theories, and no I don't think any of us has actually done any research, ewww) so she will call occasionally and if we aren't home, leave a 7 and half minute long message on the machine arguing her point.

We really aren't pretentious. And no, we don't think ourselves intellects. We have these debates for fun. Sometimes it's just because we're curious. Sometimes we're ridiculous. Sometimes we learn a thing or two: occasionally about the topic, more often about each other. Mostly our conversations start out/are full of/end up being silly and more often than not Mr. Sprite turns a perfectly normal conversation sideways just to get me laughing, because he loves me! Anyway here is one of the sillier ones (had through email)(Oh! and did I mention the hubby is gone away till Friday? He is. Expect pining) < -- abusing parentheses everywhere I go: Him (after a request for funnies): Hi Hun,
I hope you found the gas money on the counter this morning. I have a favor to ask you today. Would you mind withdrawling the 650 smackers from the bank for me today ? I'll be needing it for tomorrow.
P.S. Remember a job is a job it does not define YOU ! Love ya:)

Me: K, Because I'm a bitch, I have to point out that you are Canadian and it is "favour" and not related to your nationality but just you general lack of attention to detail it's "withdrawing" (no L).
And of course I will :)

Him: Ok OK ! Yeesh I know its favour... Amd withdrawling is a word but perhaps most often associated with medical symptoms etc... :P Cut a guy some slack so early in the morning... Ill see if your funny worthy today now :)

Me: Nope, not even medically speaking is withdrawling correct. Don't you have spell check? Cause my spell check is freakin' out right now.
I can hardly cut you any slack: you are going to Newfoundland and I am not!!!!! You get no slack!!!!

Him: I say wiki it then !! Get back to me with your findings and regardless the leg work may prove to be worthy of a funny !

Me: I wiki'd and I googled and they both asked me if I meant "withdrawing"(sarcastic undertone totally meant). However, as you hinted, there were some very interesting hits nonetheless. After reviewing some of those hits though, I still have to insist on your refraining from using it. The average iq of the persons responsible for the unintentionally funny hits for "withdrawling", is in question. The prosecution rests, your honour.

Him: OK that sownds reesonable. I should send you a funny know !!

Me: My head just exploded

Him: My work here is done....now if you could return the -favour- tonight I'd appreciate it !

Sorry, that last line may have been a bit TMI for some folk. I apologize. Just, uh, brain bleach, or something.

See? Funny, eh? Right!?! .......psst, lie to me even if you didn't find it so funny, cause I think we're adorable.....***sigh***I hate when Mr. Sprite goes away.

PS- Shhh, don't tell Mr.Sprite my responses were rife with typo's, k? I don't think he noticed.


  1. Hee! You two are adorable.

    Pseudo-Mr. vB and I have crazy conversations too. One lazy Sunday we were lolling around in bed refusing to get up and we got completely hysterical laughing. I can't remember how the thing started but it ended up with flinging a garbage can full of sparrows (to clarufy: the garbage can was full of sparrows, and we were flinging them from the can, not flinging the whole can) at someone and yelling "surprise".

    As I say, I have no recollection of how the conversation started or got to that point, but every now and again one of us will still mime flinging sparrows and yell "surprise!" at the other.

    We also have totally world-altering intellectual conversations, too. Just, you know, FYI.

  2. Yes - you are adorable ... so much so, my teeth hurt :)