Wednesday, August 12, 2009

NWW - It's Kinda Related

Today was a pretty decent day overall. I have things I would like to complain about, but I have promised to keep my negativity to myself today and the rest of my day was pretty meh, well, except my daughter is a superstar goalie in soccer and there is going to be a meteor shower tonight which I plan on watching in about 5 minutes with the kids. Other than that, meh. I thought I would share one of my favourite things with you instead (in a sort of poetic way, sort of):

As August grows, every morning seems filled with fog that is quickly burned off by the insistent summer sun. But....before the sun gets hold, before the cool of night retreats to allow the warmth of day, before the world fully awakens in that twilight: I stop and I breathe in a cool dew heavy breath. I sip my morning coffee while I watch little things that signal the coming of a new day. Another day in August. Where summer has begun to smell mature and the surrender to Autumn is on the edge of every sense. I love this summer. Not the blazing sun of mid-July, the sticky sleepless nights. But the quiet solitude of an August morning, one with September at her door and August whispers "Shhh, just one more....." And September waits, giving in for a little while before he lets Fall in.

Hehe, August makes me a little heady, slightly drunken. Less inhibited with my word creations. It's......lovely, the effect. I thought this this morning while standing on my deck. It's a little corny, maybe, but I tend to love corny! Be gentle.


  1. Oh, Eyvi. This is wonderful. What a visual you've given me! I could practically taste the coffee and smell the fog and grass. I don't think it's corny at all, I think it's beautiful. Why, you nearly made me forget how much I hate summer! :)

    Good luck with the star searching... I hope you have clearer skies than I do. Maybe later I'll be able to spot something....

  2. That was lovely! And like AvB, you almost make me forget my hatred of thick, humid summer. *Almost*!

    I tried to see some stars, but it's too cloudy here. I hope Canadian skies are clearer!

  3. That was beautifully written totally invocative. This is my favorite part of Summer and the mornings when I can sit on my patio enjoying coffee and the early morning calm are precious to me.
    Well done, Eyvi!

  4. Simply devine!

    Me too ... it's my favorite part of this season.

  5. Awww, shucks! You guys are fantastic! Seriously. Thank you.