Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's a Random Thought Kind of Day and Other Tales

Random Thought 1)

Reuben sandwiches are the best sandwiches ever. Don't bother trying to change my mind, it won't work. You are wrong and your sandwich is inferior.

Random Thought 2)

Kanye West and Eminem take turns being the douchiest of douches, but when they are good, they rock my freaking world! Which annoys the hell outta me.

Have you ever heard (or read) Kanye West speak? He is so consumed, so impressed with himself, so god damned egotistical, it is sickening. I watch or read anything he says slack jawed at the level of narcissism. I read an article in Rolling Stone when Kanye and 50 Cent had albums drop on the same date. I went into that article liking Kanye's music but not knowing the man. When I was done, I didn't want to know anything else. 50 Cent entered the town square carrying a six shooter at high noon. Kanye is dancing from foot to foot round back of the school when class let out ready to go fisticuffs, thinkin' he's Mohammed Ali.

Eminem irks me for other reasons. Here is a man who has the ability to bend words to his will and possesses a rhythm few rappers can achieve. Take away his ability to bitch about his mother or his ex-wife and we're rarely given anything better than his alter-ego Slim Shady. Who accomplishes nothing but remind me that most 12 year old boys annoy the shit out of me.

Perhaps unfairly, once an entertainer falls out of favour with me for reasons unrelated to his/her brand of entertainment (actors, musicians, etc) I usually dislike their product as well. Kanye and Eminem are exceptions to this rule. And for reasons I am unable to explain, I continue to dislike them with fervor when I do, but when I like them musically? I might as well erect a statue in honour of whichever one happens to be on my radar, and it's both of them right now.

Random Thought 3)

Okay, so I forgot my third random thought because I re-read the Rolling Stone article.

Here are some fun facts for ya:

1)Facebook hates me today. I have had to post every comment I have made two or three times because I keep getting errors.

2) Never ground your children from electronics when you aren't feeling well, it's forty degrees outside, and all of their friends seem to be away. They will do their best to break your will and drive you crazy. I've got news for them though, my resolve remains strong!

3) Hurricane Bill is very low on my popularity list right now. Mr. Sprite is due to go away again tomorrow morning (when Bill is supposed to hit us the hardest). I have no problem holding down the fort when the Military calls Mr. Sprite away. I do however, have a problem literally holding down the fort. They (you know who they are) are saying Bill is going to hit us pretty hard and I don't mind saying that not having my bigger, stronger, more knowledgeable in situations of extreme peril counterpart around for this is freaking me out a little.

That's it for now folks. If the weather predictors are right, I may post on location tomorrow from Oz!


  1. I am a Texan and yet know the value of a well-prepared Reuben sandwich. There is nothing better or more nourishing to the mind, body and soul.
    I agree that Kanye and Em are total douches but Em can rock my hell damn ass off... Kanye, not so much.
    I hope that Bill gives you little more than a seckseh love tap (a little thunder/lightning and some wind) but I'll be waiting to hear bacj from you that all is well, okay? SRSLY, as the kids say.

  2. I will totally bet a cook...that I can make a better sandwich. I will take head as payment. I will blow your mind. :-) As a note, have you ever had a philly salad. That's just a hint.

  3. Spender, thank you for your concern. As you know, we weathered the storm just fine. Although I would argue “storm” is a bit of a glorification.
    Deist, I am sure you make a mean sandwich, but if you were to make this mind blowing sandwich for me, we will have to find a different method of payment. I had to stop providing sexual favours as currency when I met my husband. I am sure you understand.