Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fundy Fun

As I have mentioned before we live in Nova Scotia. Today we went to visit The Bay of Fundy. The Bay of Fundy is famous for being home to the worlds highest tides. In little more than a 12 hour period the tides in The Bay of Fundy will rise and fall approximately 17 metres or 56 feet (according to wiki). It is this nifty little fact that has secured The Bay of Fundy a spot on the short list of nominees for the New Seven Wonders of the World. You can get yourself into all kinds of trouble related to the tides. When the tide is coming in, you can ride the resulting tidal bore in various locations. Or if the tide is already gone when you visit, why not go mud sliding? You can also go whale watching, kayaking, hiking...ok, so I'm started to sound like a tourist guide, I'll stop. The few times that I have witnessed it, just watching the tide go out or come in is a thing of beauty. It's a pretty phenomenal thing to see. NASA has some pretty cool pictures. Here is high tide and low tide from space.

Neat, eh? Well, I have pictures too, NASA!

Note the arrow I took the time to add so that it is easier for you to see the height of the water at the time of this picture (you're welcome). And just an hour later;

Okay so NASA's pictures are neater, but hey, I learned to use Paint.
The kids had wanted to go in the cave you can see to the right of the arrow. When we first got there we would have been able to get in, but getting out again was questionable. So I was a mean Momma and said no. I have promised we'll go back again earlier in the day next time so that they can go spelunking. They got soaked as a consolation. My car is going to stink of seaweed and saltwater for the rest of the summer.
Oh, my car! My hubby suggested we take his car. This being one of the first hot, sunny days we've had yet this summer and me being a wimp, I said no, let's take my car, because it has air conditioning. He asked me was I sure, and tried to remind me of the condition of the road we would have to travel. I said "bah! It wasn't that bad" He didn't argue. We took my car. I got my car in March. It's an '09 Kia Spectra5. It isn't a Porsche or anything, but it's mine and it's peppy and I drove a mini-van before it, so it sort of is like a Porsche to me. The route to the bay took us over a mountain on a single lane dirt road. It has been a fairly rainy summer here. The road is not one the town maintains regularly, so the runnels that had formed were damned near big enough to swallow my car. The surface is closer to full on rocks as opposed to crushed gravel. My tires are low profile. The forest lines either side of the road has nearly swallowed the road. I will leave the condition of my paint job to your imagination. Sheesh, I'm an ass sometimes.


  1. does it stink when the tide is out?

  2. I don't think so, but I've never paid much attention.