Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Version of The Internet's Hottest Sensation

Today is the day I will make up for the lack of posts lately. First, I am going to steal a popular idea from Danica and Xtreme, The Seriously Random Quiz (although the randomness of these quizzes could rightly be called in to question at this point). Then I will take care of my award. Yes, I am award worthy! And finally, the NWW post, which won’t come till later tonight.

My Seriously Random Quiz will require you to guess either the artist or the song based on the lyrics I provide. I have eclectic taste in music. You have been warned. And I don’t want to have to go postal on y’all or release the Assassin Kitteh like Danica, so please play!

1. He oversees his kingdom, so no stranger does intrude. His voice it trembles as he calls out for another plate of food.

2. White ones, black ones, yellow ones, red ones. Necrophiliacs looking for dead ones.

3. This is it, last straw, that’s all, that’s it. I ain't dealing with another fucking politic.

4. Gonna give my heart away. Leave it to the other girls to play. For I’ve been a temptress too long.

5. Rise up and take the power back, it’s time the fat cats had a heart attack.

6. But um, they gave chase, they caught up quick. They started cryin’ on my shoes and grabbin’ my dick.

7. He chased us with bullets, he rained us with shells, and in five minutes flat he'd blown us all to hell.

8. And if I seem to be confused, I didn’t mean to be with you. And when you said I scared you, well, I guess you scared me too.

9. Well, we drank champagne and danced all night under electric candlelight.

10. I need no soft lights to enchant me, if you would only grant me the right to hold you ever so tight.

That was kind of fun. I hope I’ve managed to stump you, but I would be ridiculously pleased if someone guessed them all. I tried to include a couple I think are obscure and a few I think everyone should know. But maybe my musical well isn’t nearly as deep as I like to think it is and these are all kindergarten easy. Either way, have some fun. Oh, by the way, of the people participating I put my money on Spender (or my hubby, but really he has an unfair advantage and he ain’t gonna comment, cause he’s all mysterious and likes it that way), or Danica. Aw Hell, maybe I did make it too easy.


  1. I am terrible at lyrics so I'ma just show myself out.

  2. Okay guys ... I got 9 out of 10 on this puppy and I want some freakin' competition!!!

    Lez go ...

  3. in no particular order: MATILDA AND LOLA?!?! (i love you now, well, more than before, if that's possible), concrete blonde, dogg pound (i think), maybe eminem? (i'm bad on rap unless i've heard it repeatedly) portishead (duh, i LOVE)

    have no idea on numbers 1, 2, 3...there's also one that is either natalie merchant or janis ian or more likely, patti smith. i can almost taste it.

    these music quizzes make my brain hurt. but they are def easier than movie quotes.

  4. Doran gets an award just so he'll feel better.

    Danica definitely has an unfair advantage it would seem, hehe.

    gp, you can always love me more if you like! I kinda adore you right now too! I will post the answers shortly and you will know why.