Wednesday, October 14, 2009

No Whining! I'm Not!

As you are aware, my hubby is enjoying an all expenses paid trip to the big city, which makes me slightly busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest.

This is what made me smile today:

- I volunteered to be the fundraising coordinator for my daughter's hockey team (What was I thinking? Oh, that's right! I wasn't!). This is something I've never done but am attempting in the name of being a supportive parent (as if driving her all over god's country and paying for the most expensive recreational sport EVER isn't supportive). Today I booked one event and laid 3 more on the table. That should take care of things up until Christmas. Something ridiculous, like $5000 left!

- Being the ever attentive driver that I am, I nearly hit a car in one of only two intersections I have to navigate in a day. In my defense, I was turning left and she was running the red light (that was green and then changed to yellow while I waited). I should have waited though, to make sure she wasn't going to gun it before I did. But I was going fast and she braked hard and we didn't collide!

- There wasn't any snow last night. I adore the first snowfall, there are few things as beautiful, but not on October freaking 14th, thankyouverymuch!

- I slept poorly last night, I always do the first night my hubby is away and last night was no exception. The good news? I am bound to sleep like the dead tonight.

- I got my very first Halloween Party invitation as an adult! cough*loser*cough Yay for me! What am I gonna dress up as? I am so excited for all the possibilities.

- And finally, it feels like Tuesday because it's only the second day back to work but tomorrow is Thursday already. I love long weekends!


  1. Define..."as an adult."
    That statement has forever boggled my mind.

  2. The fact that you support your kids makes you an adult and a damned fine one at that, so accept my compliments on being a hellaciously good mom!
    Now that we've established the facts, when it comes to Halloween, you can dress any dang way you please, right? After the kids have had the trickin' and the treatin', go crazy and hit a grown up bash and let yourself be a kid again.
    Helps ya stay young, don'tcha know....

  3. Geez, Eyvi ... even I put that NWW post to shame.

    You need sum actin' lessons from the ol' crusty pro??


  4. Deist - Don't be boggled, inmy case I use it to define anything after high school (although my level of 'adult' varies)

    Spender - Thank you, Sir! I have an idea of what I want to dress up as but I'm not sure yet if we'll be able to go. If we do though, it's gonna be a blast!

    Danica - Pbffftttthhhhh! (Varying degrees of adult, remember)