Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Obsession, for Me!

No Whining Wednesday went off without a hitch today. I did my very best not to gripe, moan, whine or otherwise complain about anybody or anything. I was determined when I woke up this morning to amaze you tonight with my ability to see the silver lining today, but really there is no need. Today was a good day. I didn't even have to try. Although about an hour ago all the energy I had leaked out my toes and is now a puddle on the carpet beneath my desk. I've yet to muster up the energy to climb the stairs and fall into bed. Once we've had our little visit, I shall retire.

I've mentioned a time or two before that I am mildly obsessive. I possess a bit of an addictive personality. I have no problem admitting these things. Those who know me well, know it and accept it, because I normally have a short attention span as well. It will end in due time.

So far my Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood obsession has given me a run for my money. I read all of the books in the series that have been published to date. I watched the first season of True Blood online (with Japanese subtitles for the most part, which just goes to show the depth of my crazy), then I rented the entire second season from the evil monsters at Blockbuster (soul - sucking company). I watched that. Then I visited HBO's web site to find out when season 3 starts (June/10 for those keeping track). Oh come on! It has Alexander Skarsgard (how do I make the dots?!?!), that man is Hawt. I submit this picture as evidence:

Go ahead and tell me that isn't all kinds of goodness, right there. Yeah, I didn't think so.

So then I went to the authors website to find out when the next book comes out (May, if I remember right) and while surfing around her site I read a word I had never paid much attention to before, because I had never needed too, and that word is Fanfic, or maybe it's Fan Fic. Either way, I asked myself why I had never heard of this and went in search of some. I should fucking know better! In all honesty some of it isn't so bad. Some of the stuff I read showed some promise, but that was far out-weighed by the dreck. Jesopus Creepers, people. These things should have no other title than: This is My Secret Sexual Fantasy About... Blah! It was ridiculous. And I have been put in my obssessing, jonesing place. Serves me right.

More obsessive stuff, this time related to music. My hubby found a song and played it for my last night and asked me what I think. Last night I thought it was good. Today, I have listened to it 3 times since supper. I will listen to again before I go to bed, for sure. Here it is, tell me what you think.

I heard a Jack White song tonight I want to become obsessed with, but I don't know the name of. It was in a trailer for a movie called The Drifter. At least I'm pretty sure it was Jack White. I'm usually fairly good at knowing an artist by sound and he's distinct, but I have been wrong before. Anyway, I will Google the movie tomorrow and see if I can't find out.

I will have these two songs played out before the middle of next month. I'm surprised the vampire obsession as lasted as long as it has. It'll probably burn out soon. Ridiculously short attention span and all. Besides I have 52 new books to look forward too!


  1. there's not one part of that man i wouldn't put in my mouth!

  2. Jeebus, gp, why do you have to turn everything into some sort of sexual debauchery?

    I would destroy Sookie is about sixty different ways.

    I also have a bit of an obsessive/addictive personality with books. If I find something I like, I'll read everything the author has written back to back to back.