Sunday, May 3, 2009

Guilty Pleasures and Sweet Reunions

I have read Twilight. I'll admit it. It was terrible and wonderful all at once. I can comment on and understand each and everyone of it's failings. Did that make me throw all four books in the wood stove? Hardly. Try to convince a crack addict to throw away the pipe and you'll understand what I mean. While I understand the initial pull, the spell had worn off fairly quickly, so the mania and obsession that is a result of the books and the movies baffles me a little. That's why, when I saw this on Perez Hilton the other day (yes, another of my shameful indulgences), I had to laugh. Boys and Girls of Twilightdom, behold! Draw your attention to the gentleman accompanying a young Robert Pattinson in the Vintage RPatz post and you will have had a glimpse of the future. I would be willing to bet that is the teen obsessions Poppa and if I were to win that bet, I would then go all in that this is a very close facsimile of what your little hottie will look like in about 20 years. And that my friends is what tickled my funny bone.

Would you mind if I shared another of my guilty pleasures? How 'bout three? I give you; Hugh Jackman, Liev Schreiber and the home grown Ryan Reynolds. All three of which I got a healthy dose of in X-Men Origins: Wolverine today.

I went into the theatre with a good measure of trepidation; every review I bothered to read touted negativity. Shortly after the movie began I realized I was looking for crap, I was expecting cheese. And none of it in an awesome, craptastic enjoyable cheesy way. No, I was watching an X-Men movie like I was Roger fucking Ebert and this was Schindler's List. I re-evaluated the situation. Had my family and I come to the movies today to see an Oscar worthy performance? The kids were here for the cool weapons, the 'splosions and to see the superhero best the villain. Damn it! So was I! Once I set myself straight, it was golden. The movie was fantastic. Did it stay true to the comics? Don't know, couldn't care any less. Was the plot without holes? I honestly have no idea, I wasn't paying enough attention. In my defense I will again remind you that Hugh Jackman, Liev Schriber and Ryan Reynolds are in this movie. And there were 'splosions. And a guy jumped onto a moving helicopter. And Hugh Jackman was nekkid! My only complaint? There wasn't enough Ryan Reynolds.

As I am not one to resist even the mildest of temptations I began reading the Dark Tower books again. I have finished the first one; The Gunslinger. I was not disappointed. I am once again in a love/hate relationship with Roland. Although, it's mostly love.

I am surprised at how much I had forgotten. Before today, if you had of asked I would have told you with utter certainty Jake does not make his appearance until the second book. My heart rate increased ever so slightly when Roland first eyes the waystation. At the mention of the figure in the window I was sure he had caught up to the man in black. All the while something tugged at the drawers in my memory, suggesting I might be mistaken, wanting to find proof. The proof didn't come from a found memory but from the pages. With that the drawer flew open and the realization that I would have to endure the sadness I had felt at the loss of the boy so soon dawned. I thought I had another book! I wasn't ready to fall in love with Jake, to admire his inherent strength right along with the gunslinger only to have the gunslinger throw it away. I swooned over the growing bond between Roland and Jake like a mother would when her child finds a friend in a new neighborhood. And then the bastard lets him drop. And the boy says "Go then. There are other worlds than these." Jake doesn't scream, he's resigned to the fact. I wanted him to scream, blood curdling cries that would haunt the monster that let him fall for the rest of his days. But I think the silence will haunt him more (I have accepted that I don't remember, I'm excited to experience it all again). I spat expletives at the gunslinger on Jake's behalf. I cursed Roland. And then I wondered where the man in black was. Single minded.

I can't wait to start The Drawing of the Three. I have to though, I promised tonight I would write. If I let myself go, I would not eat, sleep, work or communicate with a real, live human being until I had read all 7 of books. My home, family and friends would be left grossly neglected. I am a confessed book junkie. I make no apologies.

Last, but most definitely not least; my husband came home early! He was in Greenland for work and wasn't due to return until today. We had no idea what time today, work had not given him his itinerary. We often joke the motto of the Canadian Military is "Hurry up and wait!" Although, he may have known a tad more than he was letting on. I, forever in the dark, was pleasantly surprised when the phone rang last night and it was my hubby from what call display promised was a local number. I promptly picked him up, brought him home and very happily slept with a warm body beside me last night as opposed to his carefully arranged pillows.

Sadly, when I began blogging this evening, my darling hubby was listening to a few newly acquired songs on his computer. As his computer is directly behind mine, I am also subjected to whatever selection is playing. I was distracted. I am still mildly distracted. Every time he moves, I worry he's leaving the room, dejected because I am not paying enough attention to him. I ask him how he's doing every couple of minutes to alleviate my guilt. I think he intuits my predicament and finds it amusing. I'm a terrible person, I know. He's just returned after two weeks away and I'm worried about my blog (it's the writing! The therapy of it damn it!) Now, my dog is licking his paws, unrelentingly. It's driving me out of my ever-lovin' mind. Case in point; I am writing about how easily distracted and annoyed I am by the goings on of my family (human and animal alike). I think that's it. I am apparently spent. I should call it a night before I start writing about absolutely inane shit like bathroom cleaning (which I did an outstanding job of yesterday and then spilled hot candle wax all over). Ack! I'm outta here!

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