Friday, May 15, 2009

TGIF and Other Things I Will Use to Take Up Space.

If the title is any indication, this is not going to be one of my critically acclaimed posts. It's been a long week cut a girl some slack.

First, there was work. Not overly horrible. Intensely boring this week. I think my brain is turning into a grey goopy mess in my head cavity and I would blame my current stint as a receptionist with a little mortgage consultant thrown in for taste. I did realize a little something about myself. I don't like people. Most of them suck. I used to tell anyone who would listen I loved helping people. It was soooo satisfying! Hah! Nope. I may become a recluse. Well, not really. I like my kids and hubby and the people I choose to surround myself with. I shared my new thought pattern on the shortcomings of the majority of the human race with a co-worker. I don't know what she thought about it. She seemed a little taken aback. I hope not too taken aback.

I finished reading the second book in the Dark Tower series: The Drawing of the Three. Fantastic, of course. Again, there was so much I had forgotten (does this make me a horrible fan? I worry real fans are obsessive and commit to memory entire passages, glean information at the slightest hint, know the back story of even the most minor character, where I don't have that kind of commitment. But I want to be a fan!) I love Eddie Dean and all his pop-culture referencing. Odetta/Detta/Susannah .....what to say.....The way King conveys the version of....what?....Ebonics or Patois Detta Walker speaks is awesome. I never once thought "What in the hell is that supposed to say?" But (I remembered this yucky little side-effect) it left me with a severe case of cotton mouth. In case you are not familiar with this particular affliction, picture the day you had your wisdom teeth removed (if you haven't, I'm sorry, I'm not nearly clever enough this evening to think up an anecdote for you as well). The dentist shoves an endless supply of cotton balls into the back of your mouth where the offending 4 teeth previously resided. The purpose of this is unclear to me (I am notoriously awesome at not really hearing the things I'm told when I'm not really interested in hearing them), but the result is crystal clear. It feels like your mouth is full of cotton! Dry and crowded. And that is what Detta's speech always made my mouth feel like. Dry and crowded.

When I went to retrieve my copy of The Wastelands from the bookshelf to put in my bag for work the next day (bored silly, remember), it was not there! I vaguely remember something happening to it. I cursed my self for being the Queen of Procrastination Island (All Bow To Me!) and not replacing my copy when whatever event I had forgotten first occurred, and high-tailed it to a local second hand book store (how people get rid of books, I'll never understand) and bought another copy. Which I have not started reading yet because I have the garden from hell.

I own a beautiful home. It really is the home of my dreams. My dreams are modest in this regard and this home fulfills them perfectly. The yard is fantastic. When all of the various plant life is in full bloom, it is a sight to behold. Sweet Mother Mary of Gawd, it sure is a lot of work. A lot of bendy, back breakin', fingernail breakin', bug bitin', work. It sucks ass. So I have been trying to restore my beautiful garden to even a measure of last Spring's majesty. I will be at it for awhile. So the weeds don't get the opportunity to really grab hold and choke the living life outta everything else in the garden. I will surely be near dead when I am done (don't laugh, gardening is hard stuff! *pouts*) . K, gotta say g'nite folks, kinda falling asleep sitting up here. Which will conveniently explain the following: spelling mistakes, poor sentence structure and grammar, incomplete/incoherent thoughts.

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  1. Take refuge in the fact that some of the greatest quotes in recorded history have been incomplete thoughts darlin. And gardening is damn hard! LOL