Friday, May 1, 2009

Another day, another.....What? What exactly was today's product?

If you've come to measure the progress of my "Write To Be Happy" oath, leave, leave now! I don't want to mar your perfect vision of me.

I am not crotchety or anything. I am not railing against the injustices or the inhumanities. I am not going to whine over my pathetic existence. I don't feel that way. I'm just......meh. Meh sizes it up pretty well, actually. I hate that word. I hate reading, I hate writing it. But I am so meh right now I can't be bothered to look up a better word.

Hey! If I wiki'd 'meh', do you think the wiki thesaurus will give me something better since I appear to be inarticulate this evening? Lemme look......Well! Will wonders never cease? God bless Wikipedia or in this case Wikitionary.


meh - adjective

1. mediocre; lackluster; unexceptional; uninspiring.
2. apathetic; unenthusiastic.

meh - interjection

1. (slang) Expressing indifference or lack of enthusiasm
2. (slang) Used to express a mild disagreement where the person does not have either the solid foundation to actually argue a point, or does not feel the argument is worth pursuing any further. Due, in most situations, to the argument being opinion based in subject matter.

There. I am feeling mediocre, unexceptional, both uninspired and uninspiring. I am not feeling lackluster. I know the definition of the word, but I always feel as though I am saying I am not shiny enough.

Today the company that employs me relocated. The owner, my boss, moved his business from an old converted story and a half house he rented to an office building he built. Sounds like it sort of, kind of might be exciting in a by proxy sort of way right? Wrong. What a clusterfuck. I have never been involved in the relocation of a business previously, so I am completely talking out of my ass when I make the following statement; The level of disorganization and chaos involved was amazing. Very little of it was prepared in advance. The majority of it was handled by one person, who was not the owner of the company. I'm impressed she didn't quit. I should mention that this task is so far outside the territory of her job description it's pretty much another continent. Not that job descriptions hold much weight around these parts.

If the rest of us had had even an ounce of interest in aiding in the relocation of anything other than what pertained to our job descriptions and what was located in our offices it would have been tricky. Information other than that of the gossip-y kind is not readily shared among all of the staff in our office. Not a hateful kind of gossip, but a kind of Perez Hilton sort of gossip. Ok, not a good example. I mean we're not all back biting each other all of the time. So I, and I will speak for myself, was completely and totally unaware of what was going on from any given moment to the next. Even when I was abreast of a situation, it was likely to change before I had a chance to make a difference anyway.

So I did very little all day. Yup, jackshit, fuck all, bubkiss. I found little make work projects. But little they were and accomplished nothing more than wasting a bit more of my time. Very nearly could have been the most tedious eight hours of my whole 31 years.


I tried to turn the tide when I got home. I have surfed all of my fav's and then some. I have read every missed article and re-read others. I had a look at my movie collection and walked away from it again, to meh to make a decision. I wanted to tell you a fantastic story tonight, but I just don't have it in me.

I'm filled with meh. I told you to leave. I tried to warn you. I hope you didn't catch it, cause meh is contagious. I would've told you to sport one of those face masks that seem to be all the rage right now. But if you had listened, I would've wondered about your sanity and then I would've feared for mine because we all know crazy is catchy.

Ok, that's it! I've spread enough love this evening. Until next time!

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